How to Identify Your Leadership Style

Learning how to identify your leadership style is crucial if you are a leader who is aspiring to lead others in a positive and successful direction. Often, leaders get tripped up in how they communicate and this leads to the unfortunate situation where the leader is ineffective because he/she cannot communicate effectively with team members. It is imperative that leaders know and understand their own personal leadership style and be able to adapt it to suit the circumstances. Otherwise, if this style is not authentic and convincing, the group will easily sense it and will no longer trust the leader.

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The first leadership style that most individuals identify with is autocratic leadership. People like leaders who are in control of everyone within a team or organization and are not afraid to tell others what to do and when to do it. However, this type of leadership style can also stifle innovation and creativity on the part of others in an organization. If you exhibit autocratic leadership styles, others will feel that their opinions do not matter and are not important. As a result, you may find yourself micromanaging all decisions and initiatives which can leave you with little time for yourself. For advice from a Business Coach Cheltenham, go to Randall and Payne

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The second style that many people identify with is democratic leadership style. These leaders allow everyone to participate and Ideas are allowed to circulate amongst all. They also encourage openness and free thinking amongst the team or organization as a whole. Because of its fairness, democratic leadership style can often foster greater flexibility and creativity within a team or organization than autocratic leadership style.

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