How to clean your desk and computer keyboard

There is a very simple answer to this question. Go to a Contract Cleaning Tewkesbury based firm and ask them to do it all for you. They will do a professional and full service for the whole of the office so that you  do not have to. However, if you need to have this done right now then you might have to do this yourself.

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Start with the screen. Dust and dirt on a black screen is much easier to see, so start by turning off the screen. Using a microfiber cloth to get rid of smudges, wiping away the grime in a circular motion, like the E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth. Don’t press the screen too hard, as that could hurt  or scratch it’s surface.


We might suggest using a screen cleaning spray or screen cleaning wipes if a dry cloth is not enough to remove stubborn grime. Make sure you first review the treatment advice given by the manufacturer of your computer, as some do not suggest using a spray or wipes at all.

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Laptop and Tower unit keyboards are notorious for hiding alsorts of nasty rubbish. Make sure you first turn off your laptop if you’re cleaning a laptop keyboard. Unplug a different keyboard from your PC while you are washing it. To dislodge some loose crumbs or gravel, turn it upside down and fight the urge to shake it, you’ll damage it.


Take a post-it note and fold it in half, so on the outside is the sticky strip. Run the sticky edges between the keys through the lines. Repeat the procedure again using a new post-it note until the sticky edges are full of dust. This quick cleaning hack will help to vacuum up any stubborn fluff, but if this doesn’t work, buy a can of compressed air and use it without causing any harm to blow away any residual dust from deep between the keys.

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