Brands will continue to bet on content marketing

Any company or brand that wants to succeed must necessarily give something in return for customer loyalty, as we already know, and that something is content, whatever its nature: articles, promotions, coupons, videos …

Brands will continue to bet on content marketingNobody doubts that offering added value to the client or the user is an imperative for brands, which need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering something attractive to the customer.

This makes the client get used to the fact that he can demand something from the brand in return for his loyalty, and the client’s demands are increasing, say they are directly proportional to the number of brands that offer their products, and it feels powerful .

For this reason, brands have no choice but to keep betting on content marketing, to give the customer, whether potential or not, what they demand, to be able to meet their needs.

eMarketer states in a study that since 2008 to the present day, the companies and brands that have adopted Social Media as a tool have tripled, and, therefore, the number of companies that use since then as a claim for content marketing it has increased considerably, since in 2008 it was only 16% of companies that blogged, with 43% of companies today considering blogs and social networks as an indispensable ally and a fundamental tool for achieve your goals

61% of brand owners and managers say that Social Media, and content marketing in particular, is a great method to get to know first-hand the preferences of potential customers, as well as to identify them and attract them to the brand.

If we take into account that we can use the content, not only to attract customers, but to forge a strong brand image in our niche and position ourselves, but to achieve a much more beneficial web positioning, and we also consider that the competition every time it becomes bigger and harder to overcome, it is not illogical to think that content marketing will continue to be the truly different value by which users and customers will decide for one brand over another.

In addition, there are more and more platforms on which we can and need to have a presence, and each one has its own idiosyncrasies, so we must analyze and see very well the content that we will share in each of them.

Customers always want to be treated in a special way, and the only way a brand has to make them feel this way is to show them that they care by offering something that another brand could not offer them: more than relevant and quality content.

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