Advertising spending in social media and networks reaches 10 billion

According to the latest estimates by eMarketer, the revenue generated by advertising in social media and networks worldwide, this year will reach 5,540 million dollars, of which less than half, 2,740 million dollars will come from the market of USA

The growth of this income remains solid not only in the US, but in other regions of the world. Which means that advertising spending in social media and networks outside of this country represents a slightly higher proportion each year.

For 2013, revenues generated outside the US will account for 51.9% of the total and globally will reach 10 billion worldwide.

Facebook, will account for most advertising spending for social media and networks, while a smaller percentage will go to other social networks such as twitter or LinkedIn, whose revenues represent 3% of the total worldwide, and one of the networks social networks that have seen their income tripled over the past two years despite the fact that their growth is beginning to slow down.

All these data evidently reflect that social networks represent an increasing proportion of the investment of digital advertising of brands and companies. In this sense, this year, 8.8% of online advertising spending in the US and 6.9% worldwide will go to social networks. For 2013, this spending will experience an increase of 11.7% over the total online in the US and 9.4% worldwide.

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