8 Ways to Stop Burglars Entering your Home

When it comes to securing your home, one of the first questions you must ask yourself is…what would a burglar do? How would they find a way into your home? Most burglars prefer privacy when attempting to rob a house. This is why they will only attempt entry when they are sure nobody is present in the home. They make themselves familiar with your everyday routine to find the best possible time to break in. You want to give the impression that you are still at home and if that is not possible, then you want to delay their mission. Bolts, locks and alarms will help with this.

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Burglars want to get in and out as fast as possible, they’re usually looking for valuable possessions such as jewellery and expensive electronics etc. Thankfully, we have included 8 easy ways to stop burglars in their tracks:

  1. Burglar Alarm

Installing a burglar alarm is a great way to reduce the chances of a forced entry. It will detect the presence of the thief and startle them, usually sending them running in the opposite direction. It will also give your home an extra level of security and assurance.

  1. CCTV

Keeping a watch on your home allows you to see the burglar before they see you. Costs of CCTV have reduced over recent years, resulting in an increased popularity for the systems. Beware however, burglars may spot these ahead of time and find a way to work around them without being noticed!

  1. Window Shock Alarm

A window shock alarm attaches to the glass surface of the window. It will detect vibrations on the glass, such as those caused by an intruder. A loud alarm will then sound.

  1. Locks

One of the most valuable things you can do to ensure the safety of your home and everything (and everyone) inside is to install secure locks throughout. This includes windows, doors and garages. If you need a Belfast emergency locksmith, look no further than http://www.belfastlocksmiths247.co.uk/, who are able to give you professional locksmith advice on securing your home.

  1. Keep Lights On

According to MET Police, doing something as simple as keeping your lights on can be enough to deter potential burglars from your home. To reduce electricity costs, use low voltage or energy saving bulbs etc.

  1. Community Watch

If your neighbourhood has a community watch, then you’re in luck. People watching out for one another is a great way to keep an eye on suspicious behaviour in the area.

  1. Guard Dog

Obviously, a dog isn’t going to be a reliable way to stop burglars from entering your home – you should still take the necessary precautions such as installing alarms and secure locks etc. However, if you have a dog that happens to love barking at visitors and people at the door, this can be enough to scare a thief away.

  1. Keep Keys Safe

According to Metro, and common sense, it is important to keep your keys safe. Don’t leave them by the door for the burglar to reach through the letter box! Store keys somewhere only you can find them, or leave them with a relative or friend for safe keeping.


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