6 tips to prove that your idea will work

How can you persuade investors, friends and your future employees that you are not going to disappoint?

After conceiving a thought, how can you validate that business prospectus really work? Moreover, how can you persuade investors, friends and your future employees that you are not going to disappoint?

Today we present some tips so you can validate your idea and start to grow this business:


Ever since, we talked: no matter if, an idea already exists, as long as they can improve. However, if original is a big plus? Therefore, in this case it is advisable to do some research and let not driven by assumptions; if you find something like this, do not worry, because it means that there is demand, only seeks to offer what others do not.

tips to prove that your idea will work

Does anyone pay for that?

You can do a quick test apart investigation and study of market, to see if people are interested in yours:

  • Create a landing page through a free platform or service.
  • It puts a little information about your company and your product, but without giving many details.
  • Use Google Analytics or a similar tool to know how many people visit your page.
  • You can also create a form for people interested in your product or service subscribe to receive more information or to be notified of the upcoming release.
  • Another way to do research is to send a simple survey. With the right questions, such as whether they would buy the product if they like the name or how much they would pay for him and a good spread, you can get interesting results.

Find a mentor

Suppose one of the worst things an entrepreneur can do for your project, so a few tips and guidelines objectives do not hurt anyone, but who could provide them? A mentor, of course ideally in such cases is an experienced entrepreneur or an expert in complex areas for you and your business.

Mentors will help you see those traps or errors that maybe you had not taken into account and make you put your feet on the ground so that you are able to make and receive constructive criticism.

Business Plan: Your mantra

How would you try to sell your idea without an implementation plan or without following certain logic? If you want to convince, you have to follow a course of action to discuss topics of interest to those who invested in you, as estimated earnings, costs, suppliers, inputs and technology and, above all, time.


Constructs a MVP

Alternatively, a viable and offer him a hearing test (or beta) Minimum product. Thus, it is how you can get feedback from the real world and know so much more specific if people really pay for your product, as well as other things that could be arranged add or remove.

MVP is always a better choice to work day and night to get the product or service “perfect” only to find that is not what people wanted and what their problems solved.


This is also a way to validate an idea. If Internet users are willing to open your wallet to funding and help, you achieve your goal it is because they believe in you and what you offer.

If we see a romantic way, this is an option full of love: people believe in you and your project, inspire confidence and credibility, opt for the benefits and give you your money.

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