5 Smart Ways to make a profit of collaborative consumption (C2C)

In recent years, one of the major global trends and that will have more impact on the real economy without a doubt, is the great burst of collaborative consumption in our society. Starting at the beginning, if we seek the definition in wikipedia:

“The collaborative consumption refers to the traditional way of sharing, exchange, loan, rent and give, redefined through modern technology and new ways to measure the reputation of individuals”

5 Smart Ways to make a profit of collaborative consumption (C2C)Until recently, if you wanted to start a business you could you do in the B2C (“business to customer”) field or in the B2B (“business to business”) field, now through collaborative consumption accompanied by technological platforms it will open a large window of business opportunities in the field C2C (“customer to customer”). They are the consumers themselves who are the stars and they only need effective online environments to do business among them.

All this, how could it be otherwise, is reaching consumer organizations, governments and even private labels. They all want to take part in this powerful movement, some to take advantage of it, others to regulate and the latter to see how they react to the inevitable change in the thinking of consumers start asking questions like this:

  • “I’ll buy a car if you only use it on Tuesdays and Sunday?”
  • “How I can get an extra benefit with property, space or time I have available?”

5 intelligent ways of removing a collaborative consumer benefit

Seen all this, and as consumers we all are, we must begin to keep in mind all we have at hand to make a profit:

1- Power generating extra income: We have many little bit optimized possessions and made ​​profitable because of the few options we had to give more uses than our own. There are two quick examples:

  • Rent your car for hours
  • Rent your home to others for days

2- Get more budgets and collaborations “freelance” more comfortably: Is a breakthrough power hang on a community project and receive proposals unified in a single portal about:

  • To hire professional “freelance” you can take itout on the portal
  • To design projects or audiovisual production

3- To share costs already have:

  • If you want you can afford with more partners a road trip with the company

4- To exchange culture with other users:

  • The “Bookcrossing” or book exchange is already extend far
  • In a way, documents wiki (wikipedia for example) is also collaborative consumption.

5- New project funding formulas:

  • “Crowdfounding”: companies give us the opportunity to be acceptedby many users
  • “Crowdlending” or groups with monetary loans

Having put all this on the table, are we prepared to know how to exploit everything within our reach to collaborative consumption?

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