The reasons for not going to hire you as community manager

It is true that in recent years has risen much demand for this professional profile and proliferate training courses in this area to put on the market the maximum number of people who can meet the needs of management of social networks in business, but it is also true that there have been some bad experiences ignorance or “malpractice”, the fact is that today there is a whole series of reasons why you will not hire as community manager.

The reasons for not going to hire you as community managerEssential functions of a community manager in a company

Its main functions are:

– Find new customers online

– Dialogue and interaction with customers

– Understand and manage the online reputation of the company. You have to monitor everything they say about you in social media land and manage it properly

– Launch in customer service if necessary

– Manage reputational crisis point

– Generate and distribute in social networks appropriate content for each of the previously selected channels (facebook, twitter, Instagram ..). And do it according to the vision, mission and values of the company.

Problems general community level management

As with all new and unregulated thoroughly sector there are theme unresolved effectively and that fails to communicate en masse to the public (companies) have a basis of what you can expect from this type of service and the importance it can have in its digital strategy and offline as well. Companies that do not have a vocation as online have a place in the universe can use social media strategies marketing blended to support traditional sales structure.

The first problem itself is the lack of standardization in training is concerned, there are many programs of different levels and also we can find professionals who want access to positions of responsibility in a company with a “short course” of 10 teaching hours on their backs and on the other hand we have the difficult task of effectively measure the ROI with respect to investment in social media.

“To measure the ROI effectively and standardization little respect to training required are the main problems of community management”

Reasons for going to be hired not

And finally, the main reasons are:

1- “Anyone in the office with a little free time can do”

2- It may be that hire an intern for it because they will be cheaper.

3- Al former community manager (probably a fellow …) let him have escaped the developments and changes in the company and ended up not working and now think that investing in social networking is throwing money away .

4- The web and other online company structures are not ready for proper management of social networks, so set before input changes will mean a cost not want to assume.

5- Do not going to want to pay more than 300 dollars per month, “Total, to update facebook and twitter a little …” as a well – formed person like you not accept the proposal.

6- Your boss may also “facebook and twitter knows” the content will come 100% imposed from above and can generate no creativity. You’ll see coming and will not start.

7- When we explain that we must have patience and wait to reap the first fruits, think it will be better to invest the money in another activity more direct return.

8- Because you will want to “put” more tasks that touch you as community manager to justify your salary.

Possibly if we have all this clear and internalized, we will be better prepared to combat all these objections. Not that I want to be pessimistic but the community management may eventually have a message to give more generalized and not have to jump many barriers to carry out a good social media strategy in companies.

In short, you can skip all these hurdles and then surely hire you as community manager. What do you think? This social media world something misunderstood in business?

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