The Brand Advocates are really an asset for businesses

It stands to reason that the big brands may have its detractors, but equally, there are thousands their own fans and followers. Since evangelists, fanboys and Brand Advocates customers, these can be considered more than just customers, even without being an asset to the companies and brands.

The report of Needle and Y2 Analytics has a pioneering approach based on identifying and analyzing in depth the interests and behavior of these consumers especially linked with the brand. The study estimates that in the US alone, there are over 37.5 million brand advocates, whose potential is still untapped.

The Brand Advocates are really an asset for businessesAccording to their findings, the brand advocates meet and exceed the average in the 5 characteristics that define a brand unconditional support. So, they stand in experience and brand awareness (8.7 vs. 7.3); influence on purchases, where they duplicate other customers (8.6 vs. 4.6), brand loyalty (9 vs. 7.2) and active promotion (which also include greatly 9 vs. 4.3) .This is the ideal qualities that brands want their customers to have, included in a select group, which should identify and learn.

The report indicates that these loyal brand advocates are younger, are more motivated, they have a higher educational level, economic status and ability to act in social networks than the rest. slightly emphasize women (51% vs. 49%), with a majority age of 30-44 years in the case of them (48%), and distributed in the case of men. 41% are between 18 and 29 years, while 39% are over thirty.

As for his activity on social networks, also they stand out above the average. 95% have registered profile on Facebook (vs. 71%), 72% is on Twitter (18%), 67% in options (21%) and 60% LinkedIn (22%). These values show a great interest in 2.0 channels. 88% of these advocates brand has gone through college, of which 25% have a higher income to $ 75,000 annually.

What concerns have brand advocates, about brands?

These consumers are, obviously, restless, curious and especially active. Attitudes that brands should use to their advantage. According to the findings of the study, 66% feel motivated by treasuring knowledge, and share that information. For them, scoop information from manufacturers, would allow him to enjoy an advantage; a more attractive benefit that even the economic benefits.

Unquestionably, economic interests also move to 28% of them, who would like to enjoy a discount on the price, or in the form of products. In addition, 7% enjoys maintaining contact with the brand.

As we can see, consumers love brands, and seek closer ties with them. This is not a vast majority of them, but very significant, which should not go unnoticed.

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