Most emails are sent in the morning, but the best results are obtained in the afternoon

In its quarterly study on email marketing, Experian Marketing has analyzed the best time of day to send emails, taking into account that information is a posteriori and that the situation can vary by industry and by brand. In spite of all this, it is very interesting to have a look at the results. And these results show, in some way, an inverse relationship between mail volume and results.

Most emails are sent in the morning, but the best results are obtained in the afternoonFor example, if we analyze the time of day, the study has found that 40% of the mails were sent between 8 and 12 in the morning, reaching 42% of the total operations. But the 16.1% opening and 2.4% single clicks ratios are the lowest all day long. This comes to tell us, somehow, that it is a rather complicated job for companies to be able to differentiate themselves from each other in the mornings, when consumers receive most of the emails.

Interestingly, the percentage of transactions (13%) in this morning range was also the lowest of all other times of the day, e-mail revenue ($ 0.17) also the lowest, and the average value Of the orders was placed in the middle of the set, with an amount of 174 $.

Looking at the time of day in which there is a lower volume of transactions (2%), between 8 pm and 12 at night, the image changes radically. During this period, the opening ratio (21.7%), the single click rate (4.2%), the transaction percentage (0.34%), the email income ($ 0.48), and The average value of the order ($ 246), were considerably higher than at any other time of day. Experian in his study does not offer any explanation as to what may be the cause, but it may well be because consumers are busier for the rest of the day, and therefore freer at those evening hours.

The Experian study also analyzes the performance per day of the week, again finding that the days with lower mail volumes, such as Saturdays and Sundays, reached the best levels of response (each with a unique opening ratio of 17 , 8% and a click ratio of 2.9%). On Saturday (9% of mail volume) it also achieved the best percentage of transactions (0.16%) and e-mail revenue ($ 0.20), although the average value of the purchase decreased.

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