Men play online, women prefer to do it on their smartphone

Men are a good target for free online games; According to the latest data, spend up to 3 times more than women. The average amount of their investment in this playful activity by the male population is 13.38 dollars, compared to the scarce 5 of the females.

Men play online, women prefer to do it on their smartphoneTo this conclusion has come PlaySpan, thanks to the study study led by Frank N. Magid Associates, conducted in December. For this, a sample of 743 players between 13 and 54 years old, fans of this type of online games, which allow a free access, but where it is necessary to buy money and virtual accessories to play.

This type of game enjoys great acceptance, and is also a profitable business, given that approximately 8 out of 10 players spend more time on this type of games than on pay.

According to the study, 110 million players in the United States use this type of online applications, which indicates, according to Robert Crawford, Vice President of Frank N. Magid Associates, which is becoming an interesting trend for the video game. In any case, it should not be forgotten that payment games are still more profitable. In them, the average expenditure is tripled compared to the free (28.86 dollars versus 9).

Younger adults are the population sector that best hosts free games. Those between 18 and 24 spend more than $ 17 a month, while teenagers do not reach $ 13. If we specify by sex, boys over 18 exceed $ 30 per month, while minors close to $ 20.

If we focus on the theme of games, men opt for action (twice as much as women), while women choose social games (up to three times more than men).

For their part, 45% of women prefer to play through their smartphone, compared to 25% of the male gender. A trend that seems to be advancing. Also noteworthy is the role played by the tablets, which at the moment only reaches 11%, but is profiled, along with the smartphone, as the firm candidate to replace the game consoles.

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