Android generates more ad impressions on mobile games than iOS

Games have become the most popular mobile application within the Millennial Media data and advertising platform. The company has just released a special report with data on major games and devices used to play.

The latest Mobile Mix report from Millennial Media focuses on mobile gaming. This category of apps has gotten more ad impressions on the platform than any other category.

Android generates more ad impressions on mobile games than iOSThe Mobile Mix report provides specific data on what types of games are being played on the various existing devices. During 3Q 2012, “Games” was the leading category in the Millenial Media platform, followed by “Music and Leisure” and “Communications”. In fact, the games have remained the first category throughout the year.

Android-powered devices accounted for 64% of the company’s games impressions during Q3 2012, compared to 30% achieved by iOS, Apple’s operating system. Almost three-quarters of the impressions took place on smartphones (74%). However, despite the significant number of other devices, such as iPads and Kindle Fire, they only reached 23%.

Arcade style games were the most popular (30%), followed by puns (26%) and puzzles (26%).

What kind of people interact more with mobile games? According to the post posted on the Millennial Media blog, “consumers who interact with the ads included in the mobile games are of all types, from fans of the films to “fashionistas”, but we can not ignore that we have seen more and more Vertical advertising that attempts to reach those different audiences.”

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