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For all those who are unemployed or have already decided they need a change of scenery are, I recommend that you take as a work in itself because today no longer only need to make a good interview but we are much more exposed in internet and we will have to take care of many details to fit into the desired work site.

First it is a good time to analyze what is most valued in our industry and complement our knowledge through courses, seminars, events, fairs and be very abreast of the movements that occur reading news or asking in our environment more nearby.

Marketing mix to find workSecond is a time when we need to promote all that our can image 2.0 , all recruiters use social networks to investigate further what kind of profile will interview and as you see we can leave off a selection process. There are mainly two social networks that are key to finding a job:

  • TWITTER: Here is the most active market, although some people seem curious. If you are not present do not hesitate to create you a profile and create you one network following the most influential portals, recruitment, news portals … is a good scenario to make valuable contributions through comments and start discussions with profiles that may be interesting. There are some specific applications that can be very useful: nearby tweets (to find work near home), Visual CV (to show your resume on twitter) or Twazzup to make searches profiles influential in your sector.
  • LINKEDIN: As the largest professional network is a very important point also. Take time to improve your profile by entering your achievements, merits, responsibilities in your previous jobs. Keep in mind that profiles LinkedIn positioned well in Google and you may get it first if you are looking directly into the search engine. It is also highly recommended join interest groups and participates to establish relationships that can be fruitful. Expand your network within the network and get several recommendations with positive comments that always help.
  • FACEBOOK: Here is the 3rd major network add as simply note that anything that does not look you teach your mother that is not public. Sometimes Facebook can destroy everything good made ​​on other social networks.

Another crucial issue is to specialize in our search and segment because you have to prioritize portals or specialist companies that can help you much better, the vast majority of people shooting resumes at the discretion thinking that they do their best but actually spend unnecessary bullets and they can focus more and get results in a short period of time. I put some practical examples:

  • If you are a good telesales agent there are companies who have a specific department contact center
  • If you require are management positions, you will have to search expert or specialized headhunters
  • If you are a pretty profile young inexperienced but well prepared academically networks there are very interesting for you.
  • If your profile is more technological you can try on sites like webmeup
  • Finally, and more searches multisectoral apart from infojobs can find good deals on jobandtalent or SNTalent.

Finally, I would not finish the article without making a contribution over management. I found, in some processes that we have opened for our company unsuitable to find work attitudes: motivation must be capital to get into a good company and some people have internalized that the labor market will adapt to them and not the other way around. Regarding human resources are concerned, try to analyze what companies’ value and try to be you who can satisfy because luck will not come to bite your door but good will result from actions taken.

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