Without the human factor, companies and brands are doomed to failure in social networks

Due to our immense desire to become social beings it sometimes seems that we forget that we are also human and our relationships through these networks must be likewise.

We, humans, talk about experiences and not about concepts, about feelings, not about promotions. Emotions must prevail when it comes to relating to others since we do not really talk about business out there but about anecdotes that remain in us. Basically it is about people interacting with other people.

Considering all this, are we really social? What can we consider being social and what not? The problem is that too often we forget the social word completely because we are focused on the media or on marketing. Thinking that way, in business, is when we forget our authenticity and our brands become autonomous or robots that look for other robots like them. Of this artificial connection, without giving or sharing, clearly only the same can come out, things like self-promotion, or egocentricity, without thinking about others, without being really social.

If this is not the right path then what should we do? It is clear that no one knows what will happen tomorrow but if we are a company and we try to turn our relationships with our clients into something real and meaningful, we must focus on them, on people. How? Probably the best way is to show that we are like them, that we have a human part and that we can establish a relationship, creating conversations and sharing common themes with them. But above all, the first step to achieve all this is to listen.

Both companies and organizations must understand that in the framework of social networks, connecting with other people is the key to strengthening a strategy that really works, the key to creating a community.

There are many ways to create that connection with users but it is clear that one of them is not to create a profile on Facebook or a Twitter account and expect the results to come alone or be immediate. It is about creating contents that interest our audience, finding ways to connect with them, allowing them to have a voice in some aspects, letting them interact and answering their questions in a simple and fast way, in the most human way possible.

This highlights and makes us even clearer, that without the human factor, companies and brands are doomed to failure in social networks.

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