Why work from home can help you be more productive in the office

Telecommuting is an alternative every day more widespread in many companies. Often when we talk about this issue, we think of working from home exclusively and not as an alternative to working from the office. This is the choice for my most interesting and an advantage if we take it because work from home can help you be more productive.

Therefore, we must have adequate infrastructure. Whether we connect applications or cloud services to work as if we do our office through a remote connection, we will need a broadband connection quality. Here the download speed is not as important as it is the upload speed, both on the side of the connection in our office and at home.

work from homeEnables a job at home where comfortable working without interruptions

To become productive at home we’ll need to be comfortable in front of your computer. We’ll have to have a suitable job for a few hours in front of it focused on the job ahead.

A comfortable chair and proper, best height if in a room in a common room of the house, especially if they live alone, to avoid interruptions. Nothing to think you can work well sitting on the couch watching TV. So no productivity is improved, quite the opposite.

One of the issues that will help improve productivity at home is no gaps, peers, bosses or phone calls from customers. That afternoon we spend working at home is to take a series of tasks ahead where we need to be focused and where we will make them faster if we keep the focus only on these tasks.

Define your tasks to do at home

It is, therefore, essential to define what kind of work we can do better at home than in the office. From here we can leave this task reserved for this time. We can do the test, to work in the office and at home in similar tasks and see how long it took each.

They also have to be tasks that can perform autonomously, ie, they do not need supervision; we do not see how we do this or else, etc. We need to be clear that they are executive or supervisory tasks, which will gain in productivity working at home independently.

Nor would recommended tasks that have to run in a group, at least in the definition phase. Another thing is that we have divided the work and we have to do our part, leaving for the office phase sharing or discussion.

Find the right time to work

Finally, it is important to find the right time to work at home. It has to be a time interval where our presence in the office nonbasic. In companies where telework normally implants some afternoon it is left for this task, although it may be a full day or take advantage of the early morning hours and thus also avoid the tips and jams hours.

It will also depend on our personal routines. In the evenings, it is easier if we have family there are people at home, they can stop work while in the morning can be alone more easily. We must remember that the goal is to work more concentrated and uninterrupted.

Is sometimes the best early and work those two hours we had planned to do at home first thing in the morning. Therefore, when we finished work we can go to the office and conclude with our usual routine. For others, this moment of calm and concentration come after dinner. As I said before, much it depends on personal habits and routines, our ability to concentrate, and the kind of work we have to do.

Ultimately, we seek to be as effective as possible. Working from home can help us with certain tasks, not only as a way to balance personal and family life, too but as a way to improve the productivity of certain tasks we need to do alone, without interruption and maintaining the proper concentration often only we managed to isolate ourselves from other office employees.

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