What can we consider indicators to measure the effectiveness of our content?

On the Internet, everything is measurable, but should not stay only in the data. A figure, however important, without proper interpretation is nothing more than an insignificant number. It is necessary to provide value to the data, linking with key indicators in order to determine whether or not they meet the established objectives.

In the case of content marketing can not be less; analytical tools provide interesting data, among which must consider the following KPI’s:

What can we consider indicators to measure the effectiveness of our contentUnique and recurring visits. Should find out what new visitors come to our site and what percentage of visits could be considered a loyal following. Set different periods of analysis, depending on the frequency of publication of the shares, or content strategy. Compare these data over time, and will know the evolution of his work.

Location of users. Where do superstars visits? This is particularly important in detecting market niches, or know where data reinforce the strategy. Another important point is whether this coincides with our target audience. Contact by – case your product is sold exclusively in the capital, yet most readers come from Galicia. If this is the case, something is wrong, and the sooner we will be able to find out, the better.

Device from accessing the content. We can not ignore mobile devices. 2 out of 3 users has a smartphone, and tablet market is booming. It is therefore necessary to adapt the content for these intelligent screens and quantify the number of users who visit us from them. Where appropriate, it would be interesting to design specific actions for this segment of the population.

Bounce rate. If we manage to attract a lot of traffic, but then he goes where he came from , bad business. This situation hurts us even in the face of the search engines. We must try at all costs keep the user within the page, provide access to content that was interested when he arrived, and also offer alternative and complementary options.

Time spent on the site and number of page views. An indicator that our content strategy works is that users spend more time on it, and enjoy strolling through its contents. Here is the use of videos as a content type that favors much this behavior.

Social interactions. It is clear, if the users like the content, if it is good enough, it will spread in their social profiles. The public enjoys sharing right and left, you only need to give you reasons to choose our content.Therefore, the number of interactions is a key to evaluate the success of our strategy factor.

Number and quality of comments. When readers feel really committed to the content, irremediable feel the urge to express their opinion. This can be both good and bad, but always help us to know if we are on the right track.Positive feedback helps retain users and generate community, while negative are an opportunity to improve.

Records or leads. The acme of an effective strategy is the ability to arouse the interest of the audience, and it wants to know more. He is willing even to give their personal data.

What are the key indicators of your content strategy?

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