The immense potential of mobile search

90% of smartphone users use it daily to access the internet. 53% of them uses it as a primary resource for information. 68% use it to find information about products. A purchase activity ending in a number of occasions. 42% bought a product with their mobile, and 40% used online coupons to buy. This forces brands to have a specific strategy for these smart devices.

The mobile is especially useful for finding information in your environment. 97% of mobile users looking companies in their environment, which means that each year 12 billion local searches are recorded. 67% of these searches is related to its current location. 25% of them demand this type of information daily, while 32% do so on a weekly basis.

The immense potential of mobile searchCustomers demand local information just when they need it, so their reaction is positive in the vast majority of cases. 45% of mobile searches has a specific goal, which causes a certain reaction.

This is a great opportunity for engagement. 70% of users interact in some way with the company from these local searches. Either through a call (48%), get their address (47%), in person at the establishment (51%), visit the website of the company (47%), or make a purchase in the store (29% ), or online (24%).

The frequency with which mobile users buy online has increased significantly over the past 2 years. Currently, 40% of customers use your mobile to buy daily, the same percentage of those who buy at least once a week. According to IMRG and Capgemini 1 in 5 online shopping is done through mobile devices.

Mobile optimization is an essential condition for promoting mcommerce

60% of users expect the site to load in less than 3 seconds. Usability is a factor based. 40% leave the site of a company that does not allow you to easily find what you want, or is not optimized for your device. In addition, its consequences are not only specific, 46% of mobile shoppers will not return to a website that was not working properly on mobile. As if this were not enough, this situation benefits competition. 34% of customers choose to continue your search on the website of other brands.

Although Internet access via mobile phone will overtake traditional pc in 2015, yet many companies are not prepared. SOASTA also emphasizes that a bad mobile experience is detrimental to the perception of the brand. A tool that also allow provide an integrated experience, a petition demanding 49% of customers.

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