Social media and Digital Marketing: The perfect formula for the growth of businesses and companies

The benefits of Digital Marketing and Social Media policies are usually related mainly to the achievements in the communication section and promotion campaigns in the network. However, the revolution of online marketing does not stop here: it reaches practically all the departments of the company if adequate channels are implemented so that the information flows and a culture of recognition and exploitation of the opportunities that it entails is created.

Social media and Digital Marketing The perfect formula for the growth of businesses and companiesMarketing Directors

Competitive Benchmarketing : Digital marketing strategies are comparatively more efficient than their cost compared to traditional marketing. If the department of traditional and digital marketing work in a coordinated way, you can test strategies that are developed in the offline world.

In addition, through competitive social networks, competitive benchmarking can be carried out keeping up-to-date in real time on the latest actions of the competition.

Loyalty : One of the main workhorses of the Marketing Directors is the loyalty of their consumers, something in which social networks have a lot to say, through the habituality and the narrowing in the customer-brand relationship.

Branding : The use of the latest digital technologies helps to position a company as a leader and at the forefront of its sector, since it demonstrates being up to date with the latest technological innovations and being flexible enough to adopt them. Something key in a constantly changing environment like today.

Market Research Department

Insights and study of the target

There is no focus group that allows to obtain a detail and fidelity in the insights as the one provided by the opinion set of the internet. The monitoring of our brand and products in the network will return us with very precise information and practically free bias on their perception as well as on the needs of our target group. Any assessment in the network comes from people passionate enough about our brand to speak proactively about it, and without questions that may be conditioning it.

The ability to screen these information according to the type of target and the possibility of studying its characteristics, make the conclusions even more juicy.

In addition, the internet is one of the most suitable means to follow and anticipate global trends.

Brand Managers

Strategic keys : They can develop product strategies and brand positioning based on the discovered insights, but they can also be those that actively request reports tailored to their needs to the Digital Marketing department.

Branding : There is no doubt that social networks increase brand recognition. But in addition, it allows to work more precisely the brand attributes and their perception by consumers.

Product development

Continuous improvement : Product developers can implement improvements based on those thousands of suggestions from the opinions of the network, and even intuit new needs of their audience.

Dept. of Public Relations.

Crisis and influencers : Social networks are of vital importance when it comes to managing and monitoring image crises, as well as establishing relationships with new influencers.


Sales on and offline : Network users not only buy online: from those who seek information about a product on the network, up to 32% will then make their purchases in physical stores. There is also an increase in social shopping, websites that combine the social network component with electronic sales.


Cost reduction and learning : The social media campaigns are not only much cheaper than those made through traditional media, but, by also supposing less development time allow much more experimentation, learning and adjustment. You can try different types of content and ads to find the most effective.

In addition, the message can be designed and communicated by segmenting the measurement of the different target audience groups.


Sharing knowledge : Social networks allow all employees to know all the news related to their sector and to maintain themselves in a process of continuous learning and improvement, which revalues ​​their careers at a professional level and benefits the competence of the whole company. These highly qualified and highly informed employees usually wish to share their discoveries with the rest of their colleagues as well as make proposals for the improvement of the company. For this brainstorming or brainstorming is not lost it is advisable to develop some kind of internal protocol or Intranet using tools like Yammer.

In addition, after establishing appropriate Social Media policies, you can tutor workers who wish to develop their personal brand through social networks, or even provide them with an adequate channel, which in turn reinforces the company’s image.

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