Personalization as key engagement to achieve conversion

Customization has become an indispensable element to achieve the conversion, as reflected in the study by Forrester in collaboration with Conversant Media.

According to the findings of the study, 47% of companies believe that personalization is essential to achieve the objectives of their campaigns, while 63% shows its relevance in obtaining long-term results. It is not therefore surprising that 92% of marketers show your interest in this area.

The study reinforces the results in the recent survey by Adobe, where it stood to personalization as an essential element when planning online marketing activities, together with the social component and implementation of Big Data.

Personalization as key engagement to achieve conversionIn the digital age, users expect companies to provide them with personalized service, tailored to your interests and historical as clients. They need to feel that the company cares about them and considers them as people, not as an anonymous individual who consume their products. This is part of their vocation of service and work to constantly improve the customer experience.

Forrester’s survey reflects progress in terms of customization in the marketing area. Thus, at least half of the participants in the study indicates that is already applying the data to provide advanced customization in its advertising strategy in areas such as advertising on social networks (57%), online video (61%) and e-mail marketing.

In addition, these companies also showed interest in measuring and recording the behavior of users through their mobile devices.

As we can see, companies have already set foot in the field of data, whose conclusions want to apply to customizing marketing. 60% of them plans to continue investing in this area, whose potential is yet to be discovered. However, they are aware of the barriers and difficulties they have to face in terms of privacy, data integration and limitations on tools and resources available.

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