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The growing number of users connected to the Internet, the great disposition of the boys towards the use of new technology, the great advantages that the use of the network can give, pushing more customers to create their own websites to be present on line, to be known in new markets and to increase its volume of business by communicating with an audience of millions of people all over the world. 

There are many shops and businesses already online, in most cases, the presence on the Internet is only a support to its traditional sales structure, many others are choosing to be present only on the internet by offering products and services in an innovative way, often with organizations leaner and faster, sometimes eliminating or moderating inventory costs and management structures.

Virtual Shop

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Requirements necessary

Today to launch a virtual store must follow the laws governing traditional stores with the opening of a VAT, the entry in the register of companies and the business startup complaint to the municipality, of course you have to keep all accounting with regard to sales, purchases, expenses and costs of running the site.

Investment & Management

The investment required varies greatly depending on the type of product / service that you want to market, the beauty and functionality of the site that is accomplished, the objected revenue that arises, of any site advertising, I would say so that apart from the initial spending on computers, furniture, printer, fax / phone and writing materials in addition to any rental / local warehouse to operate, everything else can vary greatly depending on our needs. Operating expenses are related to costs, telephone connection, site management, eventual rent of premises, etc.

Basically a good virtual store must have the following characteristics:

A good pre-sales service and complete information about the product / service also take into account the manner of payment of any costs and modes of transport.

A good service at checkout, then a valid form to order the product, the calculation of total pay (including transport) and the ability to pay it online by credit card or through PayPal circuit, equally useful is to offer more payment methods (bank or mark) as it is still alive the fear to enter your credit card.

An excellent after-sales service with the opportunity to receive assistance and information even after the purchase, it is useful to dedicate a portion of the site to the possible resolution common problems that you might encounter in normal use of the product / service and have a dedicated line for the resolution of specific problems with the assistance of a technical / expert.

Finally open a virtual store may still be an excellent opportunity to gain a market in expansion, as long as all the activities you work with great professionalism by offering a quality product at a good price and with the necessary assistance in case of need.


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