Online consumers find it important to know exactly how their data will be used

About seven in 10 (71%) of consumers are willing to share their personal shopping data with online brands, according to new research from McCann Worldgroup. The data from this study “The Truth About Privacy”, indicate that 5 times more consumers are willing to share their shopping data before their financial data online (14%).

According to McCann, these data show how sensitive consumers are in terms of financial information. Approximately double the number of consumers (27%) would share their medical data before the financial data, while almost three times (39%) share their personal data. About half (49%) would prefer to share location data with a brand on the Internet.

Privacy in both directions

According to the report, slightly more than half of consumers (57%) believe that companies and brands have the right to privacy, much less than 84% who believe that consumers are entitled to that right. In one of the categories surveyed, consumers classified the privacy rights of companies ahead of governments (51%). In fact, more consumers (65%) believe that a television star has more right to privacy than a company.

The institutions offer the most confidence

Worldwide, banks and credit companies are the most reliable to preserve personal data. 7 out of 10 consumers (69%) trust banks (65% of respondents in the US), while 57% show the same confidence in credit companies (46% of respondents in the US) .). The medical companies are next in the ranking of confidence, followed by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Consumers show the least confidence in beauty companies and dating websites.

Use of accurate data important for consumers

Nearly six out of 10 (57%) consumers in the US He says it is important to know exactly how your data will be used, this being one of the 3 most important selection criteria when deciding to trust a brand. The next criterion is related to the companies’ commitment not to pass on personal data to other companies (ie telephone and email address), chosen by 56% of respondents in the US. 55% of US consumers they want control over the data they share, while 30% want to know how companies will benefit from them.

Consumers have doubts about sharing personal data

Consumers showed a high degree of uncertainty about how to share their personal data with companies, according to an October 2011 survey conducted by LoyaltyOne. Nearly nine in 10 (88%) of consumers believe that companies collect personal information mostly for their own benefit, and 85% often worry about how much of their personal information is in the hands of others.

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