Networking 2.0: How to extend and leverage your network of contacts online

If you’re active on social networks, you consume online information or if you have a blog that you spend part of your time in the networking 2.0 you have a great opportunity to meet others who have the same concerns for:

  • Find potential customers.
  • Share valuable information.
  • Learning all the time you related to users.
  • Make new friends kilometers away.

Networking 2.0 How to extend and leverage your network of contacts onlineAlthough dangers and have a dark side of social networks generally have at your fingertips endless possibilities of contact to appear in your life new emotions and opportunities.

2.0 Networking: How to take your extend and online networking

If what you need is to start to be more effective in your relationships and online dating, you pointed some keys which I have worked for me:

  1. On-off states: If you frequent training events, breakfasts, fairs … look to connect via twitter or LinkedIn quickly with new contacts commenting on the meeting. That will remember you for it again.
  2. If you are a blogger: Use interviews to contact influential people (short and precise) and then publish them in your blog. And if video, takes some event where they will give a presentation, he thinks for that day have already cleared the agenda and gives them less laziness. I have already done with some bloggers.
  3. Be generous: If you want to enter into a new relationship you should be you, who have a first friendly gesture, a comment on a social network, blog or commenting that follow the path of that person. Being polite costs nothing and in most cases you will be rewarded.
  4. Get emails you when you can: The email account is something more personal. Whenever you can access much better there.
  5. Respects times people: Some people need a little space. Must be respected so as not to overwhelm, except that you look like a person concerned.
  6. Researches by keywords: You can use monitoring tools to find experts on any subject that you can be useful in the future.
  7. Create debates: It is highly recommended launched in discussion groups with some open and provide interesting arguments for a 3rd question. If you know above create some “healthy debate” to create engagement with the better conversation.
  8. Do not tighten contacts without having worked: At this I mean do not ask too close to a person you just met or just could you interact because you may lose the contact forever.
  9. Optimize your social profiles for key words that you want to be found: Make some staff SEO is a good choice. So you make sure to be found by the right person.
  10. Use photos and videos in your presentations: Users want to see who is behind the social profiles. That gives confidence and helps connect better.

What techniques do you use for your networking 2.0?

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