Marketers still have problems to take advantage of Big Data

Analyze the vast amount of data that is generated daily in the online environment is a task that takes time and experience. The study by Gfk for Guardian Media Network shows the difficulties to those found these professionals.

The study, which involved 157 UK marketers indicates the willingness to apply the results obtained from the analysis of Big Data. 62% say that their marketing strategy has improved thanks to its application. It should be clarified that, despite being aware of the usefulness and benefits of the use of this valuable information, only 30% of respondents consider that has the resources and tools necessary to carry out this task.

Marketers still have problems to take advantage of Big DataWhat kind of data analyzed companies?

The report Neolane and DMA shows an interest from companies to analyze the interaction of users through different channels (73%), together with the analysis of the activity recorded through social media (63%) and engagement with customers (60%).

60% use their CRM to meet the average period of the cycle of their relationship with the customer (LTV) and 53% showed interest in knowing what the competition does.

The work also includes Gfk survey of 1,011 consumers, who showed some carelessness on important issues about the use of this information. Most of them are aware that the information they generate is used to analyze them and to address them. 81% believe that this information is shared or sold to third parties. In contrast, only 47% know for sure what data is really available.

Regarding the use of this information by companies, the general attitude of customers is positive. 34% like to receive offers and suggestions tailored to your interests products. But if they demonstrate a deal too close, invading their privacy, they can annoy customers (77%).

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