M-commerce, still a great challenge for companies and online sellers

At this point no one doubts the importance of the mobile environment and its importance for companies, brands and sellers. The new habits and trends of consumers highlight the increased use of mobile devices as useful tools for product research and as a new online shopping channel.

However, despite the technological revolution we are witnessing in this sector, mobile e-commerce or m-commerce continues to be a challenge for companies and sellers. And is that according to the data of a new report from Baynote, the proportion of online shoppers who claim that the personalization of their shopping experience through mobile devices, smartphones (16.8%) and tablets (15.5 %), did not meet their expectations during the last season of Christmas shopping, far exceeding 6.64% of those who said so regarding the shopping experience through traditional electronic commerce.

Mobile sites do not measure up

This is undoubtedly the great challenge for companies and sellers. The customization and adaptation of the environments of their commercial websites for better access and browsing of consumers through mobile devices, is still a barrier to overcome by most companies.

While the shopping experience through traditional websites was positive for 95.4% of respondents, in the case of smartphones, multiple failures were detected at the time and replicated the main features and functionalities of the sites main webs

For example, traditional e-commerce websites showed an important ‘digital divide’ compared to mobile versions, when integrating resources such as a store locator (82% vs 67%), video (79% vs 23%) , product or property search (74% vs 44%), and the order or reserve of follow-up (41% vs 20%).

These data show that despite the fact that the m-commerce sector is experiencing rapid growth, its adaptation by companies and minorities is being somewhat slower than the trend and needs detected among new consumers. It is time for online marketers to put their batteries in if they want to take advantage of the potential of a growing critical mass of mobile consumers and potential customers.

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