In social networks do not play dead! Bring your brand alive

Social Media has not been conceived as a showcase in front of which to sit, as if it were a show. If you think it’s basically a place where those events that happen constantly do not have to do with you, you’re very wrong. Your frantic activity, by the way, can affect you very directly, both you and your brand. The users are there, they demand your attention and, of course, expect your reaction. You can not dedicate to seeing them pass, do not play dead, prove that blood runs through your veins, that you are a living social.

In social networks do not play dead! Bring your brand aliveThe 2.0 world does not come to be for being, but to actively participate, to enjoy a social experience with your users. This means you can shorten distances with your followers, establish another type of relationship, beyond the strictly commercial. Here there is no company and customer, but both are fellow travelers, are united by a common bond: the brand. It is the ideal environment to talk openly about the brand, the values ​​it conveys, how it can love its fans, what its fans expect from it. Also has room in this scenario the leisure and the fun, the sharing positive experiences.

How do you work in social networks?

Do you listen to your followers? You have to pay attention to your actions, your demands and suggestions. They tell you how to approach them, how you can earn their trust.

Do you have a Social Media strategy? If you do not have a specific goal, you do not have a marked horizon towards where to guide your followers, your actions will show incoherence, lack of planning, disorientation. You have to be clear who you are and where you want to go, only this way you can convey confidence, that your users value you for who you are and want to follow in your footsteps.

What actions do you do on social networks? Interact with your community? Do you propose interesting actions, which invite you to action? If you start activities tailored to your tastes, you will get them to participate with you, to get involved with the brand, to be proud of it and to spread your good name right and left. Motivates also with some promotion or special offer, thus you will have them hooked.

It is the best way for companies to realize, reach another dimension, discover their social side. Brands that do not listen to their users, do not dialogue with them or seek their interaction, are socially dead. It is preferable that they rest in peace and not interfere. Is your brand alive in Social Media, or is it a pitiful soul that sails aimlessly?

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