How to check the ID of new clients

There are a number of reasons as to why businesses might need to verify the identity of their clients. These requirements are most commonly needed in financial and legal professions. Some of the reasons that this would be required can include verifying identity for anti-money laundering purposes and for the right to services to work in the UK. This can be achieved by using Know your Customer software like that provided by companies like w2globaldata.

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The forms of identity that are most commonly required will include a photographic ID that can come in the form of a driver’s licence or a passport. These will often be scanned into a system, and the licence and passport numbers verified. The system will then check that these details are valid.

As well as photographic ID, evidence will be needed of the address location of the individuals. These usually come in the form of a utility bill or other formal letters such as bank statements that would be sent to the home. This can then be cross-checked with the address details that are displayed on a driver’s licence or registered for an individual.

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Whilst software can be used for a number of ID checks. There are some instances where the ID may need to be witnessed and formally verified. This would need to be done in front of an independent witness that falls into one of a number of categories of professionals. This includes financial professionals and doctors.

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