Foursquare’s potential as a recommendation and conversion tool

With its new update, Foursquare has gone from being a simple place to check in those places that interest you most, to become a true engine of recommendations. The proliferation of smartphones has made consumers jump on the street, and that’s where you should connect with them.

Its operation is as simple as fun. The main attraction lies in the way in which users interact with the different locations and make their recommendations; besides the recent possibility of discovering new places. This is a great advantage for companies, which can not stop taking advantage of their geolocation actions, mainly those focused on mobile devices. Do not hesitate, and already includes Foursquare in your online marketing strategy. The basis is to create a positive experience around this social network, make Foursquare a game:

Encourage your customers to check-in.It is the main value that Foursquare takes to consider the relevance of a location. Create a campaign to encourage this type of recommendation, place a call to action with the Foursquare loo at the door of the establishment and, of course, invite your employees to contribute their vote.

Try to go beyond the simple “I’ve been here.” Get customers to leave their comments and share your location with their friends. This will increase the chances of appearing in the new functionality of Foursquare: recommendations, which allows users to discover new places, based on the history of visits from your contacts.

Turn Foursquare into a new channel of communication with your customers.The social network of the four corners aims to inform about the novelties included in the favorite places of the users. Create periodic, exclusive offers for your clients in Fousquare and you will grow in them the desire to have you controlled, and not miss any of your promotions.

Reinforce your geolocation strategy using your other social profiles. You already know that Facebook shows on your timeline Foursquare check ins, encourages your users to presume their stay at your establishment, and share it on their wall. Here you can also help with Instagram, customers can immortalize their experience, geolocate it and spread it to the rest of the world.

There are endless possibilities, users are increasingly mobile, thirst for new challenges, so they accept promotions and games willingly. Take advantage of it to expand your presence in social networks and to generate the conversion; since mobile ecommerce users want a product here and now.

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