Creating characters from customers for marketing campaigns

You may ring the term, if not; you should know that the character of the buyer is a fictitious client who is a lot like your ideal client.

Instead of quoting a lot of statistical data Aseptic, you can use this data to create a character buyer then internalize the client that you are trying to attract, and relate these data with customers as human beings.

Creating characters from customers for marketing campaignsSteps to create characters from customers

  • What differentiates a character in the definition of an ideal client?

A buyer’s character is a fictional character who embodies your ideal client. Its usefulness lies, instead, to work on the basis of statistical data work function of characters from customers.

  • How many characters customers need?

The criteria for establishing them are to be a number large enough to represent the inherent variety of your audience quite large, but small enough to retain the value of specificity. Usually three to five.

  • How to create a character?

Start with a business card, with this information: name, title and location. After that, the demographics (age, gender, family, education, etc.). Then try to imagine the hopes, fears and values ​​of your client. One way to obtain this type of data is the use of questionnaires and surveys on Facebook and on your site.

  • Give life to the characters

You will probably notice that as you develop your characters, you must answer other questions to give them life. For example if you are computer literate or are digital natives as it will be helpful in designing your marketing tools.

Knowing your hobbies to create a more complete picture and get as much depth context and useful details.

The actual quotes from actual customers, drawn from interviews, surveys, reviews online or other sources, are a source of invaluable information and nothing will humanize your character more than real human contributions.

  • Data sources to create your characters

Are three: traffic analysis existing your partitions know where your customers are, the keywords they use to find you , how long they spend on the site once they arrive, what to visit and how long, how much they spend and what they spend plus. The investigation of your social media because you just know their tastes, rejections, desires and ideas. Survey your customers on your own website or Facebook, for example.

This work will allow you to target your marketing efforts to your client taking into account what you will like, hate what will or what will adore.

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