Content Curation: 5 Benefits for your SEO strategy

The effect caused by the useful algorithm of Google, the well-known Pingüino made it very clear: to get good positions in Google there is only one way: take care of the content strategy. Offer useful and fresh information to users. The higher the frequency of updates to your website, the better the consideration that the great G has with it. But you know it’s not that simple. Creating quality content is a laborious task, which involves a lot of work and an effort that you are not always in a position to perform. 

The cure of content is an alternative that can greatly benefit your SEO strategy, check its advantages:

It helps you discover good content. The fact of diving on the net and putting your research skills into practice helps you discover what’s new in the sector, know what your competition does, what new types of content are most welcome, what new ideas arise … It makes you put yourself at the forefront, feed your curiosity and want to know more and more, getting to rethink your current content strategy. In this way, you evaluate if you are doing well, or you discover how to redirect your strategy and put into practice new features, with which to surprise your users, and even to become a benchmark in your sector. A very good option of content curation is to improve what you see, apply the maxim of “I can do it, and even better”.

Increase the relevance of your site. When you use content from external sources, you mention the source, including a link to it. These references help authors to track and identify the impact of their creations. By monitoring the inclusion product of your content curation work, it is normal for its creators to participate in the dissemination of your new content, thereby generating backlinks to your site, which is more relevant to your work. This also encourages engagement with those references you mentioned.

You get more notoriety in the search results.This newly acquired relevance leads to an increase in links and mentions in social networks. As a sample we can consider that the effectiveness of tweets and their importance for SEO is proven and recognized by Matt Cutts himself (

Reinforces keywords strategy. Your new and newly created content, obviously, is optimized based on your keyword strategy. These types of actions are very positive to improve your presence in the search results. They come to contribute, along with the rest of actions on page, to build a solid SEO strategy for Google.

Frequently updated content on your site. Content curation is a much simpler task than the creation of unique content, so you can make new publications with greater assiduity. This content, of quality and new creation, favors the renewal of your site and with it that you fulfill the main premise established by your new friend, the Penguin.

Do you practice content curation as a content strategy? How do you usually apply it for your SEO?

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