7 essential aspects the success of SMEs in Social Media

Social Media is a place where small companies can compete with larger ones on equal terms. This means does not understand of high or low budgets, but of effective strategies and objectives fulfilled; So it is imperative to master the language of this 2.0 channel and know how to act. A challenge that can be a bit complex for smaller companies.

For many experts the main problem is that small companies do not have the time, experience or resources to develop an effective presence in social networks. However, success in Social media, beyond the resources can reside in the knowledge of certain aspects, as well as the clarity of the goals that we intend to achieve.

7 essential aspects the success of SMEs in Social MediaSet Goals

Analyze who you are and what you want to be in Social Media. From there, clearly define what you want to achieve in social networks. Surely you want to get fame, success and money in a short time; But the 2.0 world is not a test of speed, but rather a race of substance. Set priorities and bet on your main interests. 

Select on which channels you are going to act, create and optimize your profiles properly

It defines a strategy based on the objectives set, and includes in which social channels you will develop it. It is important that you take into account the resources you have, both economic and human. Do not cover more than you really can manage. There is nothing worse than a social profile devoid of life and content. 

Listen carefully, both to your customers, to the rest of the industry and to experts in the field

Your clients will be your best teachers, they are already in social networks and have plenty of experience in the middle. They will tell you what they like, who they interact with, what content attracts them most, or how they share. You only have to pay attention and drink from this great source of wisdom. Meanwhile, other companies and influencers in the sector will serve as an example of what actions are working in Social Media, and what not, in addition to providing valuable content and help you detect trends. 

Connect with your target audience

Once you have designed your presence in social networks, dedicate yourself to getting to know, to make contacts and to create a community of followers. Always keep in mind that it is not about collecting fans, but about creating links, which help to foster relationships and encourage engagement. The quality of the contacts must always prevail over quantity. 

Generates interactions

The online medium is an open channel to the conversation, where you must adapt your speech in order to integrate into the community. Move your followers to action, care about their interests, openly ask them and get them involved. Do not hesitate to be close and accessible. That’s what it is about, if you get the participation of your followers you will be on the right track. 

Always provide quality content

Both your updates and the information that you show through the social channels has to be interesting for your users. If you have bothered to listen to them, you have connected with them and you know how to get their participation, only remains to offer them useful and attractive content, tailored to their interests. 

Monitor, analyze results and optimize your strategy

The strategy without monitoring, does not make sense. It is necessary that you follow closely the evolution of your actions, in order that you can extract the results and react by adapting your strategy, if necessary. Monitoring will also help you to detect problems and setbacks that may affect your online reputation. 

As you will see, it is the basic steps, but essential to be able to develop an effective presence in social networks.

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