5 Factors that define the strategy of an online community

The strategy established for our online community is the sum of the strategies of 5 critical success factors of the development of a community:

Pre-launch Strategy

It is necessary to determine how we will access knowledge that allows us to identify opportunities for our community. We must also define how we will create relationships with the people who will help us launch the community. Although it seems that the pre-launch dimension could be performed only once, this is not entirely true. Communities need to constantly re-launch.

Launch strategy

For the launch it is necessary to identify the way in which we will spread the benefits that our community offers to its chosen audience. Here we must be careful not to waste time offering the benefits of our community to people who do not have the profile of the audience initially chosen.

Growth strategy

The path we choose for the growth of our community must have a strategic component that allows us to grow through participation or through people who feel very identified with the benefits offered by the community.

Participation Strategy

The participation strategy should include how we will engage new members, less active members, more active members and those who generate content.

Content Strategy

The contents are the digital assets of the community. Initially they determine the personality of the community. When it comes to business communities, content is the tool we use to manage the reputation of brands or companies.

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