15 tips to sell your web page

If you are preparing your own eCommerce project or are at an early stage, is always productive recode certain points that can be useful and can generate positive changes in your web:

1- Sell is not only to advertise online: Some online stores seem to be 100% focused on the Google PPC. That means that your sources of income 100% dependent factor that you cannot be controlled. Tip: diversifies into your marketing strategy.

15 tips to sell your web page2- Your web to be friendly and fast: Navigation should be pleasing to the eye and all you can communicate on 1 page better than 2. The more steps will increase your rate of abandonment.

3- Your web must be intuitive: Your visitor should be able to find everything you want on your web being the 1st time sailing on it. If it not most likely is to have us a 2nd chance

4- Ads fraud and returns in your accounting: I think everyone when we do some estimate of cost / benefit we have not included, then no surprises. This will help you be more realistic

5- Visits / Conversion Rate / Average Ticket: These are your 3 weapons, have increased and all your work will be rewarded.

6- The marketing of content is king: Take time to generate interesting content to your potential customers. If you conceive as an expert in your field easier it will be to deposit a confidence vote buying your product / service

7- Treats every social network it deserves: Facebook is one thing, another twitter, linkedin another different and so with the rest. The target audience is different, the language also and therefore your strategy should differ for each. The goal is the same but tries to “mutate” forms, will be more effective.

8- Email marketing: If you copiers the same email and send to 3 different times, 3 different days and with 3 different issues impacting the same basis, you would get three different results. Conclusion: Optimize, test measures and corrects.

9- Contrasts the shopping experience: Look to be in touch with the customer to ask about their experience. Information is power change for the better.

10- Video + photos and more sales: Whenever you can express with videos or photos, do it, improving interactivity with your customers.

11- Lean on agencies: It is very complicated you can master all online marketing strategies, so let yourself be advised by email MK good agencies, SEO, Social media … .The professionalism and experience with a degree.

12- Well segment your market: Although you have a mass product, more akin always have a target with which your conversion rate is much higher. Locate it and try to leave satisfied.

13- Mobile & tablets: No discover that are already a reality so try to take them into account whenever you can.

14- Look at great “Players”: Try to learn everything you can from those who have already proven to be good in their sector. Do not be afraid to implement it you too, you can differentiate yourself in other areas.

15- Deal safely to your customers and options when to pay: Payment Gateway, Paypal… there customers for everyone.

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