10 Apps you need in your life if you are an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur or are at an early stage in your startup, there are some important points that a good app can help you in your project:

– Increase productivity: Time is money; each passing end to be profitable day can be a problem.

– Resolve issues you have often

– Improve communication within and outside your project

10 Apps you need in your life if you are an entrepreneur10 apps you need in your life as entrepreneur

If you are thinking of some extra from your mobile I propose the following:

1- Evernote: For me, the best app today in managing notes. Ideas can come at any time and you have to be ready to record.

2- Dropbox or Google Drive: Sending according to documents can be a problem if you are different people working on the same project and there you go changing on the fly.

3- Skype or Tango: Applications for free with IP voice calls over the internet.

4- Evermeeting: App ideal for your meetings. Organize dates and record or record the result of it. You can also create an agenda.

5- Signeasy: Very useful, used to sign documents with your smartphone so forget about the printer and scanner to this particular process.

6- Feedly: Do you want to save and organize your mobile or tablet all feeds of the blogs you follow? because here you have the perfect app. I can vouch for that is very simple to use.

7- CardMunch: If you are someone who is going to fairs and end up with 50 cards each quiet day, with this app you will be able to take a picture and it will directly generate a contact on your agenda.

8- Freshbooks: The finances of your business will go where you go. This billing software allows you to enter your bills when you need.

9- Roambi: This app will be of great utility to create interactive charts and graphs. Then you put him comfortably send email.

10- Lukkom: This set it on your priorities; can locate potential collaborators, partners and customers. It offers profiles similar to yours and is close if you wish.

Do you know any useful app for entrepreneurs who have not been described in the post? I left some important?

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