1 in 3 consumers never pay full price for their purchases online

The discounts are a determining factor for online purchases; a fact that will materialize in 2015. As reflected in the report of Cartera Commerce, 88% of customers do not intend to pay the full price of the product, when ordering online.

It is a trend already concocted this year. According to the findings of the study, 35% of consumers never pay full price for the items you buy online.

1 in 3 consumers never pay full price for their purchases onlineMoreover, the discounts have already positioned itself as the first reason to go to the online medium to buy. For 52% of respondents, these reductions in the price are the first incentive that leads them to the Internet to place orders, while 41% chose internet for its advantages when comparing prices, or to access a wider range of products (36%).

For these customers, the fact that retailers maintain a policy of discounts and attractive prices is crucial to encourage repeat purchase. 89% of study participants said that if there was a page where discounts for products that need to be offered, would resort to it often.

To find the most interesting deals, more than half of these buyers (52%) goes directly to corporate sites of retailers. Meanwhile, 39% use search engines, where terms such as offers, or discount sites occupy a special place (38%).

These economic advantages are also the main reason that leads customers to join loyalty programs and marrcas companies. Cartera Commerce data show that 87% of members of these schemes are experts in search of discounts and offers. They especially appreciate discounts and immediate savings on their purchases.

Discounts loyalty programs have the ability to condition sales. According to recently showed Colloquy, this holiday season, 35% of consumers will plan their purchases in order to maximize the benefits of their loyalty program, while 20% will adapt its gift ideas for those products that are specially subsidized in that program.

Thus, clients need economic incentives to decide to buy, especially for their online decisions. These discounts are a way to differentiate themselves, against great competition and homogeneity by retailers that customers are on the Internet. We also develop a strategy based on discounts and incentives in this regard encourage repeat purchase, an important step towards loyalty.

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