Why our business should bet on Content Marketing?

Content marketing has become an important part of the brand’s online marketing strategy. An undoubtedly necessary and indispensable resource. Without content, we can not develop an effective strategy in Social Media, nor is it possible to generate engagement. Therefore, it is important to know some of the reasons why our brand, company or business must contribute decisively for this type of strategies.

Recently and were offering a whole arsenal of data for which all experts guaranteed the importance and relevance of the Content Marketing. This time, thanks to the data collected in an interesting infographic developed by FatJoe and shown at the end of this article, we can discover some advantages and above all, many of the reasons why consider content marketing as one of The most important pillars in the online strategy of our business.

Why our business should bet on Content MarketingCustomers are committed to content marketing

It is useful for users. 90% of consumers value the relevance of the quality content contributed by the brands.

It helps you get followers for your brand. One of the top 3 reasons why users start following trademarks is because they offer them interesting content.

Builds confidence. 61% of consumers indicate that they feel more willing to buy products from a brand that offers this quality content.

Users prefer to consume content, rather than ads. Seventy percent of the clients indicate that the content generated by the brands is of a higher degree, rather than their advertising.

It denotes a cordial attitude on the part of the company. 78% of clients consider that companies that develop a content strategy are more open to dialogue, more willing to foster relationships.

Marketers consider it an effective practice

Content marketing is the fuel that fuels social networks. 87% of the B2B uses these channels to spread their creations.

Companies are committed to generating quality content. For 69% of the marketers own creation of contents is their main objective.

Blogs are one of the main assets of content marketing. 39% of the companies consider the type of content of higher quality.

It also reports great benefits 

Contributes to lead generation. 67% of the B2B that develops its content strategy through blogging claims that 67% more of these contacts are interested than companies that do not have a blog.

Increase web traffic. 88% of marketers refer to the increase in unique visits to evaluate the outcome of their content strategy.

Blogs contribute to improving the online relevance of the web, contributing 434% more index pages and 97% more links.

Therefore, they plan to continue investing in this area

Companies are estimated to spend approximately 25% of their marketing budget on their content strategy. The companies that allocate the most resources in this area (42%) are the smallest, those with less than 10 employees. The fact that, when carrying out these actions, 2 out of 3 companies subcontract the creation of content.

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