When fashion becomes essential the disruption in the company?

It is fashionable to be disruptive, a very old fashion because being disruptive is nothing to be creative and produce an innovation shocking enough to change the status of the current situation. Although the current disruption is not without relation to the high frequency in which we innovate and the quality of this innovation, we live in such saturated markets products and services, our innovations, they must be sufficiently innovative to impact the market and get in order to obtain economic performance in our businesses.

However, being disruptive no longer a basic psychological competition that every business should have to take your business and manage it from the start. Although every entrepreneur takes some degree of disruption inside, because if an employer was not disruptive would no longer be an entrepreneur, even entrepreneurial, because not carry out that action to “break” with the “status quo” and innovate in their day with the creation and development of your company.

When fashion becomes essential the disruption in the companyThe pillars of business innovation is based on creating something for yourself, be necessary in the population and what can be extracted an economic benefit for that reason be disruptive goes beyond creating an action that brings us a technological innovation or social, but is related to the economic impact that this innovation could lead in their environment. For example, services through mobile applications using mobile devices are a disruption in each of the sectors of activity: technology, retail, services, tourism, etc. This new form of access to the products / services has caused such an impact on society, which has not only changed the form of consumption, but has also caused changes in the way to offer the product / service to the final consumer by the distribution companies, therefore, is an innovation that affects the economic situation given because it has changed the consumer industry and created increases in corporate profits, responding to a market need that was not covered, therefore it It is a disruption that meets the pillars of business innovation.

The most important thing is knowing how to use creativity and innovation to be disruptive to our business, reflect and get ideas to help us have a differentiated product or service the rest of our competition and we can make progress in our environment, positioning thanks to these innovative ideas we provide an economic benefit.

Successful companies have always been disruptive, but then it is not the baptize so, consider the birth of the smartphone and the companies that launched the market for example.

So being disruptive, more than a fad, it is something very essential in the company and should be a core competency in the entrepreneur, we evolve and grow, and that not only allows us to maintain our company, but also create new opportunities of business Coffee disruptive perhaps.

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