What to Look for in a Property Manager

If you have just bought a property with the assistance of a business like Conveyancing Guildford based Sam Conveyancing and intend to get the property managed it is important that the person you find is responsible and knows what they are doing. Finding a good property management company is key to feeling comfortable letting out your property with peace of mind. Read on for some pointers to look for in a good property manager.

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Good Financial Knowledge

Property managers should be able to handle expenses, so it is important for them to have solid financial skills. Accounting, business, and finance qualifications are great things to look out for in a property manager. They should also be well informed of recent law changes and be up to date on tenant and homeowner laws. Experience in an estate agency is always useful.

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Communication Skills

Being able to communicate clearly and lucidly is vital in a property manager so that they can let you know what is happening with your property. As a landlord you want your manager to be able to talk to the tenant and act as a go-between for the property owner should they be needed. Emergencies and non-emergencies are best handled by the manager so good verbal and written communication skills are very important for this role. It is a good idea for a property manager to take a course to improve their communication skills.

People Skills

In addition to having good communication skills, a property manager should have a friendly manner, positive approach and be good at talking to all kinds of people. They must also have a patient attitude, tolerance and be able to deal with problems in a calm way.

If you are looking for property management, there are many agencies who are experts in this area.  Choosing the right company or individual with good people skills along with strong knowledge of the industry can make all the difference.

Professional and Organised

Another important trait is having good organisation skills as there are lots of areas to plan and organise as a property manager. If they run lots of large properties with different clients, tenants, and owners, they need to keep moreover. They should also keep a calendar of tenancy dates, rental payments, work orders and reports, so they need to be professional, detail-orientated, and well organised always.

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