Using postcards to promote your business

When you think of postcards, the first image that probably pops into your head is the beach and summer time! Postcards are often used to send a short message to friends and family while you’re holidaying. But, thanks to the internet and mobile phones, postcards aren’t being used in this way quite so much anymore. Instead of a postcard containing a picture of the location you’re holidaying at and a short message, you can take a photo yourself on your phone, and SMS it, or upload it to Facebook along with a message for everyone to see, diminishing the need of a postcard.

But, that’s not the only thing postcards are used for. They are used a lot in marketing and promotion too. Custom business cards can be printed and posted containing a short message about your product, business or service.


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Postcards are great because they stand out from the typical type of marketing materials which you receive through the door – things like flyers and brochures. A postcard is something that’s more likely to be picked up and read through. Due to the size of postcards you’re limited to the amount of information that you can put on them, which makes them unsuitable for some types of promotion or marketing where you need to place a lot of information about your product.

I’ve found a few astounding examples of awesome custom postcards to help you get thinking about some of the great ways in which you too could use postcards to help promote and market your business.

Hopefully that’s got you thinking about some of the things you could be doing with postcards to help your own business gain some extra exposure. As you can see from the examples in this post, custom postcards can be used in a whole variety of ways to help promote your blog, business, product or service.  There are a number of companies who can print your custom postcards for you, but I always recommend Next Day Flyers. They provide very competitive pricing, an amazing delivery time, and the satisfaction of knowing that your order will be fully quality checked by-hand before it’s shipped. That should give you peace of mind!

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