Top 10 scams, frauds and scams via e-mail

Although many “experts” predicted that with the emergence of social networks the email was nearing its end, nothing is further from reality. It remains one of the most widely used communication methods worldwide and increasingly accessible and easy, since we can now access it from different devices: smartphones, tablets, televisions and, of course, computers. Therefore, it remains one of the favorite targets of cybercriminals, as they still have a number of victims at your fingertips.

The methods have not changed over time: if we compare the legendary IloveYou, who managed to deceive millions of users around the world thanks to a pleasant and unexpected declaration of love received via email, with the millions of emails we receive each alleged day from trusted sources, such as from Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, we see that the method has not changed much. Although so they have the social engineering techniques used by cybercriminals to get our attention and not just infect, but also become victims of fraud.

Top 10 scams, frauds and scams via e-mailAnyway, on the occasion of the International Post Day is not the time to let our guard down even if we use alternative methods of communication, and should have fresh both the most modern techniques of social engineering and infection methods and best practices in security, with a good antivirus, they help us to be safe from many later dislikes. This is the Top 10 scams and deceptions frequently distributed via e-mail:

  1. Phishing, more fashionable than ever. Now they do not come only from our bank, but we we can find perfectly imitating our favorite social networks like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, payment systems like PayPal or entities like Amazon, Sony or the popular game Candy Crush Saga. The goal is always the same: steal our identity because our data, whether access to our bank account or our social networking profiles, are worth a lot of money on the black market.
  2. The “click here” more dangerous. Perhaps we are more used to not open attachments to email, surely for that to repeat ad nauseam. But an innocent click on a link contained in an email can be equally or more dangerous than a pdf of an alleged bill pending. If you do not know the sender or sounds weird us much better access to a web address through the browser following the link.
  3. Spam as cushy. We are all used to recognize the pharmaceutical spam, which tells us that the pills will delight our married life. But we may not know yet recognize the bargains that often reach us via email and we target the most affordable vintage furniture or cole child’s Sexiest equipment. Many of these mails are legitimate, but many others do not. And maybe we are searching us and leaving our bank details in an illegal site that will stay with them and we will probably not receive any product.
  4. The work of your life. The economic crisis that we live in our country is increasingly encouraging fraud related to work -usually offers to go to the most succulent abroad- occur. Offers will often related to an advance payment in respect of contract processing, housing search in the destination country or for any other reason. Almost always from unknown senders who have contacted us because they have discovered our most natural talent. Well, neither they are offers or no work nor will see the money we send to account. So better try to locate the origin of companies offering to talk to intermediaries sources, however much we have problems with the language.
  5. The magnificent heritage of an exotic country. Also known as the Nigerian scam or cyber timestamps and is easily reachable as well gives you collect a large inheritance prince from a distant country that needs to take money out of the country or a commission succulent receivable more than a tenth of lottery. The theme has diversified, translations are becoming more modern and sophisticated, but still exactly the same. In most cases seeking mules to launder money in an operation that may seem simple but which can end up in jail.
  6. Jokes, automatic presentations, videos and other graces.Although it seems incredible, the system still works huddle. However, it has now doubled ways: we can get by mail but also by WhatsApp, through social networks … They are typical graces are distributed and forwarded to occupy more time for jokes themselves, but they are exploited by criminals to hide many other things much less “funny”.
  7. And the 100 – year curse. A variant of the previous one and that usually comes with a serious warning if not distribute a letter, a spell, you tell 10 women or men who are the most beautiful thing you’ve seen or delete a course file Windows used to spy on you .The punishment for all this are always very bad things that can happen to you, and nobody passes, but help distribute appropriate content not served the famous saying “you any, Hayles”.
  8. The enamorad @ s. For many years , security companies began to warn about the plague of Russian beauties who contacted via email as they had madly in love with them. Once established contact and conversation, they ended up asking for money to come to our country to know them , and once transferred the economic pillar, disappeared. Today still going on, but no longer unique or beautiful women or Russian, but both men and women, and from any country, dare to try to statistics … Because there are always many people in need of affection.
  9. ‘Invest, invest, invest ! Although there is a long tradition of playing the stock market in our country, such as in the UK or US, are increasingly more often in emails warn you of certain values they will go up a lot in the stock market becoming unique opportunity to earn quick and easy money. There are two variations: from those who carry fake online services so that all data is entered and are not lawful, which I still carrying real sites, the operation does not mean any kind of profit, since it is simple speculative activity generating movements of a particular value.
  10. Millionaires business. If you have received one, surely you’ve stopped to analyze how you had not happened to you before.They all come with a proposal for opening of business you will report a million dollar amount of benefits in a very short period of time. However, to start it, you will be asked an investment that you can recover in a short time … But that’s just theory, because in practice there is no business or you do not recover your investment millionaire.

If we recognize its mechanisms, it will be very easy to avoid becoming victims of these scams every day circulating on the network and that we find not only in our email, but elsewhere as job portals or social networks, among others.

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