There is no doubt that content marketing is still the King

Content marketing is still the King and this is a fact. No matter what a company is dedicated to, it needs to share content through a blog to be taken into account by other users. Thanks to him, the company will be able to occupy a more or less relevant place in its market niche.

In fact, the content marketing industry is growing at a dizzying pace, and it is expected that by next year it will grow more than ten percent. But why is that interest in the whole world produced by content marketing?

Well, to begin with we must say that users like to read, they like to get informed and they like to receive special treatment from the brand, and all that can be consumed through good content.

If we take into account that, according to the Content Marketing Association, there are more than ten million brands in the world and that 379,000 people experience, live or make the brand their own, it is not strange to think that the company needs to link in an effective way to the user, and that, given the number of brands and potential customers or clients seeking this experience, the company is obliged to reach them by offering something for which they can follow, especially if we add to this equation the fact that, on average, there are 170 brands that interact with customers in a normal day on the way to work.

As we said before, the user likes to read, likes to consume good interesting content, breaking with the myth that customers are not interested in written content. The user knows how to appreciate the quality material, and appreciates it with his loyalty to the brand. In fact, customers spend an average of 30 seconds viewing an ad, 8 seconds watching billboards and 30 seconds listening to radio ads, but they win by the written content, since they spend 25 minutes of their time reading written content.

Another reason why content marketing is so successful is because it is free for the most part. Due to the economic moment we have all gone up in price: subscription to television services has increased its price by 10% compared to last year, mobile and broadband services, by 23%, with the highest increase, and newspapers have increased by 16%, while the contents on the internet, in blogs, are free and there are a lot of resources available to the user.

To all this we must add that through content marketing, as we know, we improve our brand image. Good content helps us increase our visibility, get new customers, build loyalty to those we already had, encourage conversations in Social Media or promote new alliances with professionals. In addition, it has a positive impact on purchase decisions by 43% and creates positive feelings towards the brand in 48% of users.

On the other hand, the multiplatform also facilitates the consumption of contents. There are not only content written on blogs or websites, but we can also find interesting material in the form of videos or images and infographics.

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