The Real Content Marketing Revolution

This year we have witnessed an important development and adoption of content marketing by companies, to the point of getting users to spend 25 minutes a day consuming this type of messages, regarding the scarce 30 seconds of exposure to the radio or TV. The British Content Marketing Association (CMA) shows us in this infographic the great importance that this sector has today. 

The Real Content Marketing RevolutionThe competition to attract consumer attention is fierce, it is estimated that there are 10 million brands in the world, which provide the user with 379,000 user experiences per year. On the daily commute to work, a person can receive an average of 170 brand impacts.

One of the main advantages of content marketing is that the information you publish has no cost to users, its use and enjoyment is totally free. For its part, both information in the press and television have even increased in recent times.

Content marketing positively helps brands to achieve greater relevance, gain new customers and loyalty to existing ones. Another very important factor is that it helps to generate conversation between the company and its clients thanks to the support of Social Media; achieves an approach without antecedents until then, that also is applicable to the relation between companies; favoring networking. The companies show an aspect unknown so far, more intimate and personal.

Content marketing is very useful for consumers, who use it to obtain useful and quality information about the product and the company. 82% acknowledge to consume this type of content, as long as it is relevant. Companies must be clear that content marketing must have added value, aimed at meeting the needs of users; only this way will be welcomed. 68% of users like to check the content of their favorite brands, 1 in 3 users visit the website of companies that provide valuable information at least once a month.

60% actively seek information on those products that they have known thanks to this quality content.Almost half of the customers recognize that this information positively influences their purchasing decisions, creating a favorable attitude toward the brand. Mainly, its influence affects the supermarket (77%) B2B (74%) and retail (68%); other sectors that are positively affected are travel, motor, or bail bonds.

Content marketing follows a multi-channel strategy, brands diversify information on various platforms, in order to achieve a better reach. The study indicates that the most effective support to connect with the consumer is the brand’s own website (37%), followed by mobile apps, with 30%. Once again, the high penetration rate of smartphones among the population is evident.

These good results encourage companies to continue betting on content marketing; 3 out of 4 advertisers will maintain and even increase their budget in this regard, allocating approximately 20% of it. What is the relevance of content marketing in your communication strategy?

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