The mobile web will triumph during Christmas shopping in front of the applications

With the Christmas shopping season just around the corner, retailers and brands are already beginning to design and market many of their marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies for such marked dates. However, this year, mobile technology is gaining prominence due in large part to the increased interest of consumers themselves.

This is highlighted by a new study by Greystripe, which notes that both tablets and smartphones and smartphones have become the best tools for researching products and services, and the best partners in the purchasing process.

However, consumer trends and habits reveal that these inquiries and information queries are being carried out outside of applications and mostly through online search engines and mobile browsers.

This undoubtedly represents a change of paradigima compared to what was thought up to now, and is that despite the success of mobile applications, users prefer to have greater freedom when it comes to consulting information, comparing prices or accessing Analysis of product reviews and comments from other consumers.

What is indisputable is the increase over the use of this type of devices during consumer purchases, so it is important that both merchants and brands, optimize their resources and websites for access and correct navigation through the mobile .

Experts do not hesitate to point out that a large percentage of mobile users who use these devices to buy products, adds a high percentage of consumers who use them to research and compare offers and other products. So this could be a big holiday season for mobile commerce.

In addition, what makes the mobile user an even more attractive target audience during the holidays is the commitment they exhibit on their devices. The data shows that consumers have access to a variety of information on mobile devices, especially during Christmas shopping. This is a valuable channel for advertisers to cover the specific needs of their clients.

Although some consumers will start shopping in October (33%), the majority (54%) will do so in November and December of this year. Those who use mobile devices plan to spend a little more. 70% say they will spend an average of 20 dollars or more on technology products, while 40% say that it could exceed 50 dollars per gift.

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