The importance of knowing how to listen in the media and social networks

Those who have demonstrated the ability to create and maintain trust in their relationships, emphasize above all the important ability to know how to listen because with it, expands our perspective, wisdom and connection with others. Listening can be considered as a smart way to receive information that in turn can help us make better decisions. The more information we have, the better our decisions will be.
However, it is not only about listening, but also about understanding and trying to understand. Knowing how to listen involves many different aspects that we must know how to manage with the objective of optimizing positive results through our actions, and behaviors to achieve this, generating greater trust, interest or attention.

The importance of knowing how to listen in the media and social networksThe media and social networks have given us a new scenario where information is generated and spreads in a vertiginous way. “Information is power” and many companies have already realized this reality and that in that flow of information can find many of the answers and solutions to many of their business goals and objectives.
Users of these media, as consumers, customers and followers of brands, maintain a constant activity where as a trend already habitual and widespread, they often openly express their criticisms, complaints, opinions, recommendations and experiences with all types of companies. A valuable information that goes beyond its negative character when it materializes in the form of criticism, can become the best reference and opportunity to improve those aspects related or in which the companies themselves may be experiencing errors or deficiencies. For all this, active listening is undoubtedly one of the best investments in social media strategy.

The Art of Listening

However, the point is not simply to “put the ear.” In addition to knowing how to carry out a process of monitoring analysis, monitoring and active listening where brands become the focus of discussions and discussions, companies must in turn have the ability to act accordingly, also willing to introduce changes And able to offer effective solutions.

Some research on successful managerial skills, coupled with being a good communicator, emphasizes listening. Likewise, sometimes, when the verbal communication between the main skills that a manager has to be pointed out, there is also added that of knowing how to listen. But listening is not just a form of courtesy or part of a strategy set up to accumulate information. And while it is true, we spend more time listening than talking, in social media, actions without reactions can sometimes be detrimental to companies and brands.

Among some of the main advantages of “listening”, we will find that through this we can increase the self-esteem of the “person who speaks”, which can be translated into an increase in the social network scene, the client or the consumer Of trust in having the perception that they are actually being heard not only, but that their opinions are being taken into consideration and are receiving the attention they demand. On the other hand, another great advantage is that those who know how to listen carefully learn indirectly and are nourished by valuable information that can later be applied in other aspects of the business.

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist and author of publications such as “Emotional Intelligence”, refers to the emotional aspects of active listening and the “art of listening,” pointing out that “listening is essential to good listening” The first step is to give the feeling that one is willing to listen. “

Listening to customers, we will find more and better answers

That is why when defining a strategy for Social Media, active listening is considered the most reliable source of information. The key is to listen to the audience; Meet their needs, find out what they think, or what their tastes and preferences. It is not surprising therefore that during 2013 and according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Strata, companies have as one of its main objectives listen more to its users and customers through Social Media. On the other hand, the interaction is also positioned as another of the preferences of its priority activities.

If we are aware that we need to generate greater engagement and enhance the level of notoriety and trust, the most effective is to know how our clients think, to be able to find out through their testimonies and this flow of information, what their true interests are , Needs, and what are the market trends.

Listening has to make sense and therefore, companies should know that the most important thing is to focus efforts on listening to the consumer and giving them just what they need. And although we can not control everything that people say about our brand, what we can control is the quality and timing of our reactions, actions and responses.

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