The five basic pillars to consolidate a good online presence

Social networks have become part of everyday life. They are a communication hub that has been incorporated into our daily lives, as pointed out by a study published by the cocktail analysis, which reflects that 93% of Internet users access social networks. Based on these data, it is clear that for companies it is a priority to position themselves in this market.

Here are the key points that will allow your company to create an online presence and make the most of the possibilities presented by the digital environment and be there where your users and potential customers are.

The five basic pillars to consolidate a good online presenceDefine a plan

The most important thing to succeed in social media is to have a good digital strategy. Analyze the current situation, observe your competition and define your goals. It is the most important thing when deciding which actions and which strategy is most suitable to achieve your goals.

Build your website and adapt it to new devices

If you still do not have your web portal, start working on it. Your website is the axis of your online strategy since that is where you want your users to come to present your products and services. It must positively transmit the identity and visual image of the organization with a simple and easy to use interface. In addition, it must be adapted to be displayed in any web browser or mobile platform.

Position in the search engines

It’s no use having an excellent web portal if Google does not find it. When creating our web portal, we must take into account SEO techniques and include our keywords and other internal factors of the site. It is also very important that our portal contains good content and that they are regularly updated as it will generate virality. By putting our web portal in a prominent position, more users will find us and do it more quickly.

Increase your visibility

Another important factor is to be present in social networks. Sharing, participating, and collaborating through them will increase our network visibility. Choose the social networks that are most interesting for your product or company as well as blogs, forums and other resources that generate traffic to your website. Interact with your users, listen to what they say about your brand; This allows you to correct errors, detect trends and opportunities to improve your image on the Internet.

Measure, listen, analyze

Finally, know the tools of analysis and measurement of your results in the network. They are the best way to know if we are meeting our initial goals. Analyzing the results will help us get to know users, identify trends and problems and improve on upcoming online marketing decisions based on their needs.

The benefits of having an online presence are many; Expand and consolidate the brand of your company, loyalty and capture new users. In addition, you will open new market opportunities and react more quickly to potential threats. Do not miss the opportunities that the digital environment gives you.

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