The fastest way to improve your Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important causes for losing a customer is perceived poor quality of service. A study by American Express found that 59% of customers would switch company for better service. Fortunately, one of the most important customer satisfaction factors is under the control of your company and change has very little cost.

This factor is the information you receive from your company. That is, the promises you make them with respect to what is already buying what you will receive.

Customer satisfaction depends largely on past experiences and their cultural environment but also depends on the offers received from your company. When a person is ambiguous little information or expectations based solely on what has lived previously created. And those expectations can be separated from what your company actually offers.

The fastest way to improve your Customer SatisfactionIt seems to me that the more information your company has less weight will have the other factors. The customer wants to solve their problem and will fill the gaps in your speech let your wishes. When the customer wants to buy you are willing to help you make the sale; if there are things you do not know the full with what he imagines.

This situation loves too many vendors. They are vendors who want close at all costs and are willing to make grandiose promises just to get that first sale. They are those who paint “villas and castles” in order to close the deal. And I’m not talking about dishonest practices. I’m just talking about the excitement of the closure that leads us to avoid certain topics. It leads us to forget what the customer might not like or could create a problem in the sale.

Sell above all

Recently I came to a restaurant; he was in a hurry and had only a few minutes for lunch. The restaurant was empty. Before sitting down I asked the waiter:

– “You can assist mean less than 10 minutes”

– “Of course,” said the innkeeper.

Perfect, I’m lucky. At 15 minutes I was upset and could not leave because leaving meant to stay without lunch.

The innkeeper was able to sell and filled one of the tables. But that gain in the short term at the expense of losing made as a future client. Now anyone who asks me tells you that the restaurant is too slow and never would. The dish came out after 20 minutes. When leaving upset about the poor service there twice as likely to share my experience in social networks, affecting the prestige of the business and the possibility that my friends eat there.

If the landlord had taken the honest way and had told me that in 10 minutes not leave any dish, but would be eating in 20 minutes I had not bothered. In fact, he would have appreciated the honesty. Return in the future and would be happy to recommend the restaurant.

Honesty is good business

We get a new customer costs 7 times more than keep customers we already have. Getting the first sale is important but more important is to make him stay as a customer. If you also remains as a satisfied customer will recommend us to other people and our business will increase organically.

Communication with the customer must be clear and specific to make sure you will be satisfied with what you buy. Every time we use ambiguous words or meaningless we risk having a dissatisfied customer. When we say that our product “is the best in the world” we are leaving the definition of the product in the hands of the customer. And it may be that in our eyes is “the best product in the world” but is very likely to be different for the customer’s eyes.

When I talk about specific promises I mean things like “We deliver in 30 minutes or your money back”. This promise made famous by Domino’s Pizza is a great promise. You are not talking about the “best pizza in the world”, not even “the fastest pizza in the world”. They are offering a promise that is clearly measurable. Even they tell you will happen if he does? Leaves you free.

I think the more “grounded” and measurable are your promises are best for everyone. For the customer because you can leave adjust their expectations to clear values. And for all those working in the company because they know exactly what they should achieve.

Experience over Heroism

Knowing your execution capability lets you know precisely you can offer and what not. This is an important first step in establishing an honest relationship with your customers. The other step is to put aside the “heroics” and concentrate on finding stable and lasting relationships.

I mean heroics to all that is offered knowing that required an extra-super to achieve. When we know that our capacity is 10X and offer “we will strive to reach 100X”. I have a feeling that is often not even something that asks the client. But it is something we offer for anxiety, trying to impress the prospective client.

I think the best way to impress a client is delivering more than what it offers. When it does the opposite and offers more than what is delivered, we are paving path problems for the customer and the company. For that reason it is important to know as a company, what you are able to deliver and honestly offer it to the customer. Based on your history and not your optimism Super Hero.

Increases Satisfaction promising better

The fastest way to improve your customer satisfaction is to communicate clear promises you can fulfill all the time. And these promises are based on your ability to actual execution and tested. When you are tempted to offer things you cannot keep thinking that if you achieve the first sale are ensuring that it will be the last sale.

Make promises you can fulfill and your customers will be satisfied with your service. Measures like you’re doing all the time and implements improvements. Once you increase your ability can do better promises. But do not do the reverse. Make better promises not increase your ability to execute. Make better fulfill promises and no guarantees you only one thing: run out of loyal customers.

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