The expectations of the m-commerce are not met and the satisfaction of the consumers falls

The new study conducted by eDigitalResearch, shows that while the use of m-commerce is increasing in the UK, consumer satisfaction with mobile retail sites is falling.

About half of the British owners of Smartphones use them while they are shopping, which represents an increase of 20% in the last 9 months and 1 in 10 actually makes a purchase through their device.

However, there is an expectation among mobile phone users that retailers are not complying. According to the report, “the expectations of mobile consumers have increased drastically and 31% of users say that fast browsing is an essential feature, compared to 20% who expressed the same in June of last year.”

“We are witnessing the birth of m-commerce, where the consumer has the power in the palm of his hand, being able to impose on retailers when, where and how to make purchases,” said Derek Eccleston, research director of eDigitalResearch.

“As more and more people start using their Smartphones to make purchases and search, it is essential that merchants start operating in their customers’ spaces, developing mobile sites and increasing investment in consumer behavior. continues to increase. “

In December of last year, Mobile Interactive Group tried to do a test with British retailers trying to buy a pair of socks. Most attempts were unsuccessful. Only 23% of retailers allowed to make purchases from the mobile. Of the 16% had a mobile application available, only 9% allowed to reach the end of the process and the total, only 4% had optimized their website for transactions.

This report revealed a serious fact, the retail sector is failing its customers in an increasingly mobile environment.

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