The Community Manager: The hand that rocks the cradle

The Community Manager is that mysterious figure that can not be seen, but feels. We notice his presence, and above all, we see the results of his performances; although it can also appear, and indeed appears, when you least expect it. Let’s learn more information about his way of acting:

Act in the shade. It is a figure that is known mainly by its actions. It does not usually appear in the organization chart of the company, nor go to the shareholders meetings … it has not yet been granted that consideration within the business hierarchy. In any case, it should work hand in hand with the departments responsible for the organization; and especially with marketing and rr.hh; besides taking part in the meetings of the top management.

He is aware of everything that happens around him,controlling, expectant; and when necessary, act in a cautious, stealthy way, but with a firm and determined step.

He holds the power to build a great community or to destroy it, it is inherent in his office. For this reason, its actions require a management measure, planned and cautiously executed. The impact of their mods operand is such that it is as likely to be able to create and consolidate a community, as to squander it, plunging the company’s reputation with it irremediably.

A great responsibility rests on him, in many cases not recognized.Its management depends on users perceiving the brand as a perfect entity, similar to their way of thinking; that has well-defined values ​​and personality, socially responsible and concerned about their environment. If it is not capable of transmitting the appropriate image, it could happen that, as a result of an incorrect execution or a bad performance, the brand would be considered as worthy of the most absolute rejection. Know that social media is a powerful double-edged sword, if not used correctly, its effect can turn against you.

His performances are meticulously planned.Devotes great efforts to plan your strategy. It establishes tangible objectives and draws action plans suitable for all fronts. He leaves nothing to improvisation, nor does he allow the repercussion of his actions to escape his control. Analyze the scope of your message, monitor its trajectory and draw conclusions from the results. It also shows flexibility when reacting and adapting its trajectory.

It has a thousand faces, shows at each moment a different tone of communication, adopts the language of its interlocutor. Can use a colloquial or cultured language; he is able to be courteous and polite, but also jocular or ironic. There is no better way to make yourself understood than using the same language as your addressee.

Chameleon by definition.It is transformed to adapt to the environment in which it moves. The same is a spontaneous member in a forum, a specialized blogger or a simple user who leaves a comment in a post. It happens in a matter of seconds of interested fan in Facebook to intrepid twitter, and of course, always in the name of the entity that represents.

This mysterious but essential figure in our company shows off that famous phrase: “by his acts you will know him”. Often companies are not aware of their importance, or understand the reason for their existence, who is responsible for the online reputation of your company? How should a Community Manager be for you?

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