Strategic Marketing: Emotions or coupons?

Customer Experience covers many aspects and elements. Physical or material Customer Experience: price, product, location, hours, plus the channel that uses: physical or online store functions. And a critical defining aspect Customer Experience: emotional.

Emotions are impulses to act, instant plans that evolution has taught us to face life. The root of the word emotion is motere, the Latin verb “move” plus the prefix “e” means moving away, suggesting that implicit in every emotion there is a tendency to act. In our emotional repertoire each emotion plays a unique role.

Strategic Marketing Emotions or couponsBut businesses have ignored for many years. Ignoring is not the smartest strategy, but especially on the emotional issue.

Maya Angelou once said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but never forget how you made them feel.” According to psychologists, what people remember of your customer experience is determined by the intensity of the emotions created at specific times. This is true for most of the experiences throughout our lives. Our mind not aware classifies and catalogs our experiences according to the nature and intensity of emotions.

By processing new stimuli, the mind associates conscious memories of the past and not respond emotionally rather than rational thinking. When neurologists found that 95 percent of thought, emotions and learning occurs in this way, behavioral economists like Daniel Kahneman realized that “we are not thinking machines they feel. We are machines feel they think.”

Kahneman summarizes this with the Peak-End Rule. According to which people judge the experiences based on what happens at the peak emotionally positive or negative experience and resolution.

If these points of contact the customer “feel” not have been treated with justice, education, kindness consider the negative experience. And probably not return. Evoke emotions that these points will determine the valuation of the customer. He cataloged the mark accordingly: Amiga, indifferent or hostile.

“If you do not manage the emotional aspect of the experience of your brand, you end up spending money on your budget Marketing Coupons”.

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