SMEs are now more aware than ever of the power of social media and networks

The implementation of social media for customer interactions has helped SMEs increase their effectiveness in establishing new relationships and initiating conversations, and due to the increased use of these media is being gradually adopted, SMEs have experienced an increase in its effectiveness in its business objectives.

However, despite this increase in time spent on social media, a recent study by Constant Contact shows that more and more companies are saying that social media is simple and does not consume as much time as their moment.

The study registered an increase of 24% of companies that indicates that social media are simple to use and 45% affirm that they have been effective and effective in interacting with clients.

Mark Schmulen, general manager of Constant Contact, points out that small businesses are increasingly aware of the power of social media. “SMEs are still learning how Social Media Marketing strategies can help grow their relationships with customers.”

“Only six months ago they were learning and discovering all the social channels and tools available, and now they are beginning to understand more about what social media can do for them.”

Among the different platforms and social networks, Facebook with 86% is considered the most effective, followed by Twitter for 60% of companies and LinkedIn in 55% of cases. Twitter however, in the last year recorded the highest increase in effectiveness with an increase of 13%. In addition, the microblogging social network could again experience a significant increase in this regard, mainly after the launch of its new design, which has some similarities with Facebook, including profile pages for companies.

SMEs have begun to become aware of the willingness on the part of consumers to communicate more and more through social platforms, and 60% report that this is already a reality.

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