Ready4Social, Managing Social Networks and Healing Content in a Single Online Tool

Ready4Social has just been launched, the first 100% Spanish development platform aimed at smart selection and comprehensive management of content published on social networks. The new tool is aimed at both private users and professionals responsible for the management of accounts of companies and brands on the Internet – Community Managers and Social Media Managers.

Ready4Social, Managing Social Networks and Healing Content in a Single Online ToolThe online marketing agency Webpositer has recently launched an innovative social networking manager called Ready4Social, which allows the control and monitoring of multiple profiles from a single platform.

The main new feature of Ready4Social is the integration of a self-developed Content Curation Engine (CCE) engine, through which you can select the ones that are of interest to share them in the selected social networks in a scheduled way.

Another advantage of this pioneering tool is that its users can keep their profiles updated every day of the year without investing hours in it, with previously moderated content but automatically published at the indicated day and time. The publication is specified through a schedule of daily, weekly or monthly programming.

The innovative tool also allows you to indicate the sites that you wish to exclude from the query, avoiding the publication of news from certain news portals or sites whose content does not conform to the brand’s policy or to the user’s philosophy.

Companies, brands and users will thus enhance interactions with their fans and followers; increase qualified traffic to your digital channels; promote their products or services in the most efficient time and day; improve your SEO in search engines and social networks; increase visibility and conversion capability by redirecting visits to your brand portal. Therefore, Ready4Social aspires to become “the ideal complement for the Community Manager”.

Selection of news and content linked to personal or business interests

Ready4Social is managed through a simple and intuitive online control panel, from which contents are generated from various sources of the Internet, always starting from the terms or keywords that your user specifies.

The user, Community Manager or Social Media Manager in charge of the management of social profiles will preselect the sources from which the contents will be extracted and / or define the keywords or keywords associated with their sector for the tool to suggest related contents. The terms, which will usually be linked to the areas of interest of the company and its followers, will help the engine in its Internet search for news, articles, videos, etc.

Thus, for example, in the case of a restaurant, the user can specify a selection of contents based on literal terms such as “cooking recipes”, “gourmet awards”, “gastronomy fair”, etc. In addition, the Community Manager or Social Media Manager can schedule, if you wish, the monitoring of those contents before they are automatically published in the profiles.

The manager will also be able to share all the contents or corporate news that he generates through the unlimited integration of RSS feeds, with publication statistics, historical archive of messages, etc.

The Webpositer consultancy facilitates with this initiative the role of Internet professionals who want to keep their customers’ social profiles or their own in constant updating, with an intelligent tool that prevents automatic selection of inappropriate content, moderates the sources and saves hours of news search of interest generating true engagement.

Publications can be fully personalized with the actual message the company wants to convey to their fans and fans, increasing interactions, retuits and, therefore, their popularity first on Twitter and Facebook and, soon, Google + and LinkedIn.

The entire process is done through a strict OAuth security protocol and confidentiality, which guarantees the protection of user data and, in turn, prevents spam.

Other innovations planned

Webpositer’s R & D department is currently working to increase the benefits of Ready4Social by leaps and bounds.

Webpositer will soon implement the tool with advanced statistics and reports that reflect the activity on Twitter and Facebook, to evaluate the evolution of the presence of the brands in these social networks, including numbers of followers, retuits, mentions, achievement of objectives, etc.

Another of the points in which the agency works is the monitoring of the online reputation of brands and people, since it can control any mention or reference to them and even relate to users without abandoning the tool.

Webpositer says that Ready4Social emerges “for daily use but also to become a support for periodic campaigns such as new product launches, collections changes, conferences or other actions of interest to the company.”

Finally, it should be noted that Ready4Social is a completely free tool and also has a PRO version with extended functions that can be tested free of charge for 7 days.

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